Golden King Tut


King Tut-ankh-amen was originally Tut-ankh-aten, due to the
religious fervor of his relative Akhenaten who promoted the worship
of Aten as a way to circumvent the growing political influence of the
powerful Amen-RA priesthood. King Tutankhamen was a boy-king
when he came to the throne at a time wrought with religious and
political upheavals from within and issues just as great from without.
The 18th dynasty constantly fought wars to protect its borders and in
the process spread its rule to distant lands. In fact, the 18th dynasty
was born in warfare when Tut’s ancestors expelled the foreign
Hyksos invaders who brought slavery, colonization, and chaos to the
Afrikan population. King Tutankhamen would be one of the last
rulers in one of the greatest royal families of not only Afrika, but also
the world. Art, literature, science, architecture, and the other
hallmarks of civilization had reached a zenith in a great, old age of